Sunscreen Bands

Why Sunscreen Bands?

Great for all Outdoor activities

  • Takes the mystery out of when to apply sunscreen and when to get out of the sun
  • Fun for Children and Adults
  • Range of Designs
  • Helps eliminate parents struggle to reapply on children
  • Gives peace of mind knowing when sunscreen should be reapplied and when family has had enough UVA and UVB exposure for the day based on the SPF level used.
  • Calibrated to work with all sunscreen lotions and sprays SPF 15 or higher
  • Helps provide a timeline for sun exposure for outside activities for children and adults
  • Works wet or dry! Salt and Pool Water
  • Works with fair skin or darker (Not for use on Skin type 1)
  • Perfect for athletes, boaters, gardeners, walking or any outdoor activity

Please click on link - How Sunscreen Bands Work - for graphic demonstration





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