TrueBlue Lens

Sundog Eyewear has undertaken a leadership position in sunglass lens performance. Sudog recognised the importance of filtering the blue light portion of the spectrum ahead of the industry that is now trying to catch up and address blue light in addition to dangerous ultra violet light. TrueBlue lenses provide maximum protection, clarity and performance like no other lens can. Based on the patented science of Dr James Gallas, renowned physicist and inventor, TrueBlue is formulated with Melanin and Ocular Lens pigment, natures's own protection from blue light. The new TrueBlue Lens represents the evolution of Photoprotective Technologies' patented filtration of blue light.

The TrueBlue Advantage

The huiman body naturally produces melanin and  ocular lens pigment; together these substances are nature's way of defending the eye from invisible and visible light.

The TruBlue lens is the only non-prescription sunglass lens in the world to incorporate both melanin and ocular lens pigment to provide ultimate eye protection and vision performance.

  • Based on the Natural physiological protection
  • By filtering Blue Light, not blocking it colours are still seen in true balance
  • Comprehensive Vision Protection
  • Reduces short term eye fatigue by decreasing veiled glare
  • Protects the eye in a unique way from damaging wavelengths of light that other sunglasses lenses do not
  • Prevents exposure to Blue Light that has long term impact on vision
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