Wrapz Peleton Testimonial

James Coggins

Market Drayton Cricket Club, First XI Captain 2013

James is a serious cricketer, having played in the Shropshire league for 10 years; he has achieved the status of senior Captain in this progressive Shropshire club. A true all rounder, James has clocked up numerous century innings with the bat and taken some 20% of the team wickets with the ball in 2013.

As an avid Cricketer and also Hockey player and runner, James was the perfect choice as a WrΛpz® Sporting Ambassador. Somebody who lives and breathes their sport right from the grass roots where young champions are born, and somebody who would give an honest, no holds barred opinion of what was required from their sporting eyewear.

Interview. (July 2013)

“When Wrapz asked me to become involved with the development and testing of their new British range, I was more than willing to accept the challenge. My concern was that as an honest and dedicated sportsman they might not like what they would hear. None the less, they said they would print my opinions good or bad and take any criticism as being constructive. As it turned out, my fears were not necessary.

One of the models I worked with was the Peloton X3, not specifically designed for Cricket, but it seemed to fit the bill perfectly – very similar to the model worn by Australia’s Captain, Michael Clarke. When fielding, having clear vision is crucial. The difference between winning and losing can change in a fraction of a second. This is why Cricketers at all levels have their own selection of eyewear. The Peloton just blew me away.

There is no frame. Simple as that. So when a high ball comes at you, or an edge in the slips or gully where naturally you are looking upwards, all you see is the ball, not the top frame of the glasses. I don’t think its rocket science, it’s just obvious - in fact it is simple, but then again I guess most of the best things in life are. However I had to prove it to myself, so I took the gamble and put them to the test in a crucial game this weekend. In the process, a high shot came into my field of play and I had to take the ball. A 25mtr curved run with the ball coming right out of the sun, your worst case scenario when it hangs up there and everyone just holds their breath...

Two things stood out; the glasses stayed in place during the usual frantic run and I got to see the ball right to my hands. Outstanding, and more importantly I took the catch. I don’t claim this was all down to the Peloton’s but they certainly helped. I love them!


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