The Sunwise Brand was created in 1996. Since the SUNWISE® has developed into a globally recommended British Eyewear Brand. Its success fuelled the launch of new innovative and exciting models, all with the strength and quality perople have come to expect over the years.

SUNWISE® partnered English Athletics in the build up to the 2012 London Olympics. As the official sponsor to all of the Engand Athletics teams and their staff since 2009, SUNWISE® aims to enhnace athletic performance at all levels and working together to support the growth of the next generation od athletics champions

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Sunwise Fistral

Sunwise Fistral Polarised Sunglasses
£20.99 incl vat
£19.95 incl vat

Sunwise Peak MK1

Durable, lightweight flexible frame sunglasses
£16.95 incl vat
£14.95 incl vat

Sunwise Pioneer Sunglasses

New for 2015 Sunwise Pioneer Sunglasses featuring a unique blend of fashion and sports
£17.95 incl vat

Sunwise Predator

Sunwise Predator aerodynamic sunglasses
£18.99 incl vat
£15.95 incl vat

Sunwise Shipwreck

Sunwise Shipwreck Polarised Sunglasses
£20.99 incl vat
£19.95 incl vat

Sunwise Supreme

Sunwise Supreme multi-layet mirror coated shatterproof lenses
£20.99 incl vat
£18.45 incl vat

Waterloo Black 2.0 Chromafusion

New for 3015 Waterloo Black 2.0 Chromafusion with hard case
£69.99 incl vat
£59.99 incl vat

Sunwise Breakout

Sunwise breakout durable, lightweight and super flexible frame.
£18.99 incl vat
£16.95 incl vat

Sunwise Boost Petite

Sunwise Boost Petite ideal for the smaller face
£14.99 incl vat
£13.95 incl vat

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